Following his wife’s murder, former NBA star Tony Greene loses everything. After getting a DUI, he reluctantly begins coaching a college women’s basketball team, where he meets an orphaned basketball phenom who will change his life forever. (COMING MAY 10th!!!)

When a depressed, widowed NBA star loses everything, he reluctantly begins coaching a junior college women’s basketball team, where he meets an orphaned basketball phenom who will change his life forever.

Former NBA star Tony Greene is a clinically depressed alcoholic who often spends his time thinking about the moment that changed his life forever: Eighteen years ago, he tragically lost the love of his life in a horrific home invasion. The incident sent him into a state of depression, and he subsequently retired from the NBA. In an effort to help Tony get his life back on track, Dr. Terrence Daniel (Tony's best friend) convinces him to coach the Lincoln Community College women's basketball team. On the first day of tryouts, Tony meets Destiny, a 17-year-old orphan with a bad attitude and an incredible jump shot. Their personalities immediately clash, but Tony sees enormous potential in Destiny that he has never seen before. As the season progresses, Destiny lets down her walls and bonds with her team in an unexpected way. Just when Tony thought he had truly lost it all, his star player helps him to find his destiny.

Why Finding Tony?

With Finding Tony, I found it important for us to explore the impact that mentors can have on our lives. In addition to exploring the ramifications of both positive and negative mentorship, we also examine the importance of team and family dynamics in a nontraditional and very unexpected way. By touching on serious topics like mental health within the structure of a compelling film, we have the opportunity to both inform and entertain. The initial response to the film has been amazing, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Finding Tony.

-Raven Magwood Goodson, Writer/Producer/Director
Directed by
Raven Magwood Goodson
Written by
Raven Magwood Goodson
Produced by
Raven Magwood Goodson
Joyce Licorish
Chandra Magwood
Stephen Bishop
Jesse Bingham
Executive Producers
Anthony Davis
Raven Magwood Goodson
Billy Goodson II
Chandra Magwood
Andreas Olavarria
Arik Burks
Keith Chamberlain
Stephen Bishop
Raquel Justice
Josh Ventura
David Banner
Columbus Short
Rodney Perry
Jock McKissic
Rayven Symone Ferrell
Brook Sill
Nette Howard
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